Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fremont Interactive Student Blogs On Hold

As you may have known, I started student blogs for each grade. Here's an example: These were meant to be student run blogs, more like an interactive year book. Right now, I've put these blogs on hold while I work out some procedural details, but for now, you can come here for any class updates that you need to hear about.

I was really excited because I wanted those to be an outlet for students to report like writers report in the real world. Blogging is the new newspaper, and even many of our popular newspapers are turning into blogs. Web logs are basically interactive newspapers that give the reader a chance to offer feedback. Blogs give the reader a voice, which is why I set this blog up. I want to hear from parents and have an ongoing discussion about how we are educating your child.

So, this blog will have to do for now. It's run by me, but it still gives a voice to the parents who want to see their student's education on the cutting edge.

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