Friday, September 4, 2009

Using the Firefox toolbar for search.

This week we logged in for the first time! This is probably the most frustrating time, but the kids really swept through the lesson and got into their environments. We're also learning that we have to memorize our passwords because we don't want other folks to use them.

The main them for the week was that we explored some new things with the Firefox Web browser.

Did you know that you could do a search directly in the Firefox address bar? 

Here's an example:
  • instead of going to or, simply type in the search you're trying to do right in the address bar at the very top of the page.  
  • What happens?
It goes directly to the most popular page for that search item!!! This works great for historical items like:

Martin Luther King
Civil War

This may also work in some versions of Internet Explorer (I haven't checked them all). But since Firefox uses Google as their top search, it will use Google's method of searching. Since is the most popular place on the Internet for doing searches on historical figures this is what often comes up, so it can be a good thing (mostly) or a bad thing (sometimes). Always remember to get more than once source of course!

Anyhow that's the theme for the week. See you on the Internets!


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