Friday, September 11, 2009

Where's My Homework?

So your student came home and they don't remember where to find out what's due in Mr. Rezac's class.

Problem solved. They can go to my teacher page at this link. The calendar for homework is on the right. If they haven't viewed the calendar before, it will tell them to put in the Time Zone. That time zone is Central time.

The only thing most students needed to have in to me is the class Participation Contracts and the Internet Safety contracts. You can see those were due on September 2nd and 3rd in the image below.

As for other homework, in my class, we are working on ongoing projects. The calendar will reflect the due dates for elements of the projects. Not all of the work is done in class, so students will have to do that work at home. Student journal writing prompts are mostly to be done at home, not at school. So the most homework students will have is the Online Journal entries.

I haven't put all of my due dates yet into the calendar, but I'm almost there. For students that struggle with organization, I would hope this calendar would be a Godsend. The ultimate goal, I think, would to have all of their teachers use it so that students can check for due dates for all of their classes in one simple place. 

Hope this helps!


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